Once you've completed the installation and configuration (Tools->Autofill->Autofill Options) of Autofill use this page to try out autofill's capabilities.

Amazon commerce fields

Full Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
ZIP/Postal Code
Phone Number


RFC3106 ECLM eCommerce fields

ship to title
ship to first name
ship to middle name
ship to last name
ship to name suffix
ship to company name
ship to street line1
ship to street line2
ship to street line3
ship to city
ship to state/province
ship to zip/postal code
ship to country
ship to phone
ship to email


bill to title
bill to first name
bill to middle name
bill to last name
bill to name suffix
bill to company name
bill to street line1
bill to street line2
bill to street line3
bill to city
bill to state/province
bill to zip/postal code
bill to country
bill to phone
bill to email


receipt to title
receipt to first name
receipt to middle name
receipt to last name
receipt to name suffix
receipt to company name
receipt to street line1
receipt to street line2
receipt to street line3
receipt to city
receipt to state/province
receipt to postal code
receipt to country
receipt to phone
receipt to email


name on card


card type
card number
card verification value
card expire date day
card expire date month
card expire date year


card protocols


consumer order ID


user ID
user password
schema version
wallet id

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